spiritual surrounding light and inner light in our lives

A sweet Tora from Reb Shlomo, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and it adds to your life as much as it does for me. Purim- 'Or Makif Or Pnimi'.(surrounding light – internal light) A tora of the holly reb Klonimus Kalman from Piasezna – was said in 1942. most of his family was murdered by thenazis, but his brother made… Continue reading

Purim schedule

Saturday: 18:30 – Maariv, Havdallah, Megilah Reading Sunday: 9:00 – Shacharit. 10:00 – Megilah Reading. 11:30 – Mishloach Manot workshop then we go to give away the Shalach at the Elderly day Center 14:00 – Purim Feast Comments comments

Chanuka Musical Hallel

Carlebach Chanuka Musical Hallel November 28th & 30th. December 2nd, 3rd & 4th. Joyful davening (prayer service) with singing and dancing. bring your instruments and lots of joy. if you don't have joy we will give it to you here, be'ezrat Hashem (G-D willing). Lots of love and simcha, Miriam… Continue reading